Celebrating 50 years of Enriching the Lives of Lexington Seniors

FCOA Board Meeting Minutes


OCTOBER 18, 2018

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Attending: Suzanne Caton, Janice Kennedy, Mickey Khazam, Lorain Marquis, Shirley Stolz, Jane Trudeau, Chris Worcester
COA Liaisons: Rich McDonough and Ellen Cameron
Staff: Melissa Interess and Hemali Shah

  1. 1. Minutes of September 20, 2018 meeting accepted.
  2. Treasurers report − accepted. Copy Attached
  3. Human Services.
    1. a. Proposed 4th day lunch has been not approved because of cost and anticipated participation of perhaps 25 people. Alternatives proposed are:
      1. Reserve dining room on 4th day and people bring their own lunch
      2. Special Luncheon once per month
      3. Coffee and pastry once per week.
    2. Holiday Windowpane Sale.
      1. Monthlong in December
      2. Poster in foyer
      3. We will have a silent auction with previously solicited offerings. We plan to have a manned table a few times per week for two weeks ending mid-December. We need volunteers to take turns at table. Further opportunities for bids to be recorded during the sale to be worked out.
      4. Winners to be announced on Dec 15th.
    3. Trips.
      1. Salem Cross is almost sold out
      2. Boston Pops is almost sold out
      3. Problem of overnight parking at Museum has been resolved by St Brigid’s Church offering free parking, however we will make an annual gift of $200.00 to St Brigid’s
      4. Overnight trips will now leave from St Brigid’s.
  4. OWLL.
    1. Seven Fall courses have over 250 registrations with Africa course over- booked by 17 people. Robert Rotberg will offer course again in Fall of 2019. Restricted availability of Dining Room is issue.
    2. OWLL bank account has $14,767.91 balance. Fall proceeds collected by Town not yet added.
    3. Spring program booked. Working on Fall of 2019.
  5. LifeTimes.
    1. We have 32 contributors for our January issue. The committee has met and plan to have to printers in November for December distribution.
    2. Fundraising to cover the $3000.00 per issue cost of producing our very well received journal is our biggest problem. We plan to offer ads at $250.00, $500.00 and $1000.00. We plan to solicit new memory unit opening on Concord Avenue, Brookline Bank, and Lexington at Home. One problem in soliciting ads is limited distribution of journal. It is on our website and we print 400 copies.
    3. Lexmedia has offered LifeTimes contributors the opportunity to make audio podcasts of their work. Four writers have accepted so far.
  6. Old Business.
    1. Annual fundraising letter is already being received Townwide.
    2. Facilitators to cover for Janice are:
      1. Lorain Marquis− January
      2. Shirley Stolz− February
      3. Jane Truseau − March
    3. We want to have a book mark made to advertise the FCOA. Kerry Brandin to be asked to do it.
    4. We have a small working committee looking at ideas for fundraising. Janice, Suzanne, Diana and Jane are the present members.