FCOA Board Meeting Minutes


Thursday,April 26,2018

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Attending: Suzanne Caton, Dan Fenn, Janice Kennedy, Mickey Khazam, Carol Snell, Jane Trudeau, Chris Worcester
Staff: Susan Barret (Transportation), Melissa Inness, Hemali Shah, Charlotte Rogers

  1. Minutes of March 15th accepted with correction noted as to deadline for Bright Ideas, April 27, 2018.
  2. Appointment of Chris Worcester as permanent liason to COA Board.
  3. Human Services, Hemali reported:
    1. OvernightTrips to NYC and Quebec were both full with 50 people each. We subsidize Lex.residents at $50.00 discount on overnights,$10.00 day trips.
    2. Planned trips:
      May,, Newport Playhouse
      June, Lobster Bake
      September, overnight to Amish country.
  4. Human Services and Transportation, Charlotte and Susan Barret reported:
    1. Attached you will find map with the amount subsidized for each one-way trip circled in black,and black number is taxi charge to us. So for example, Concord takes 3 $5.00 tickets or $15.00 to user each way, the taxi company charges us $20.00 each way so our subsidy is $5.00 each way. costs us $10 round trip.
    2. Attached you will also find a 9 month summary of FY 18 users, costs and subsidy compared to previous years 12 months use.
    3. There is concern about cost of subsidy with increasing use due to word of mouth satisfaction with new taxi company and more people aware of service. The following are suggestions being considered to stabilize subsidy:
      1. Raise the age of eligibility from 60 to 65.
      2. Raise the rate from $3.00 to $5.00 for trips within the Town.
      3. Have every user apply based on an income test. Presently only those applying for free rides have a means test.
      4. 22% of riders are residents but Brookhaven contributes only $1500 per year towards LexConnect. Negotiate an increase in the Brookhaven contribution to a more reasonable amount.
    4. Transportation has received a state grant to collaborate with Bedford and Burlington to study local transportation needs and present options.
    5. The Ride is offering rides with uber for people who are medically qualified but do not need a chair car . The fare would be cheaper than the present van service.
  5. Bright Ideas. We sent you four proposals in an earlier e-mail and we just received a fifth:
    1. Exercise Stations around the grounds. We will probably table it as being a recreation item and very expensive.
    2. Purchase a low-vision reading device. Cost about $2800.00
    3. Collaborate with the Garden Club to pay for the materials ($2400.) to create raised flower beds near the back parking lot. Consensus on this very favorable since the garden club members will be in charge of the project.
    4. Buy hearing assisted devices for Lexington At Home. The library has told us that usage of those we bought last year is low. We also did not want to buy equipment for just one group to use.
    5. We just received a proposal not yet discussed for a course to help people organize their belongings when downsizing or cleaning out their house. Cost to instructor ($350 or $65 per hour).
  6. DISCOVERY DAY. We need volunteers to man the table from 10-3. We also need a new brochure or similar paper description of what we do. We will use our banner (Charlotte to look for it), OWLL poster, raffle of OWLL courses and candy.
  7. Recruitment of 2 Board members. Do you know of any qualified person who might be interested in serving on our FCOA board?

Jane Trudeau