FCOA Board Meeting Minutes


JUNE 21, 2018

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Attending: Diana Bishop, Suzanne Caton, Janice Kennedy, Jane Trudeau, Chris Worcester
Liaison: Ellen Cameron
Staff: Charlotte Rogers, Melissa Interess
Guests: Dorothy Tutko, Geri O’Neill

  1. Minutes of May 17, 2018 read but lacking quorum not accepted.
  2. Treasurers report. Shirleys summary of May 28,2018 presented and attached hereto
  3. Human Services.
    1. Garden Party cancelled due to lack of sufficient participation to cover costs. Probably rescheduled for the Fall. We will retain our raffle items until then except Spectrum Management tickets for Sept 13,2018 which will be raffled off before then.
    2. Charlotte made the Human Services annual request for Fiscal Year 2018-2019. Detail attached. The total is $16,000.00 which includes $10,000 for LexConnect and $6000.00 for Human Services to use at their discretion. Expenditures in previous fiscal year included subsidizing the special luncheons and trips. We pay $10.00 per person for day trips and $50.00 per person for overnight trips.
    3. LexConnect costs $40,000. The subsidy is approximately $20,000.00 with the balance being paid by fees to users. We and the Dana Home provide almost all the shortfall.Ridership has increased by 100 new users this year which seems to be the annual increase in recent years. We now have 600 users. The new cab company uses Lincoln Towncars and helps people bring their groceries into their house. Changes proposed:
      1. Raising the in-town fee to $5.00 from $3.00.
      2. All coupons will be in $5.00 denomination.
      3. 23% of users are from Brookhaven. Brookhaven contributes $1500.00 now which staff hopes will increase.
      4. Cab company has been very flexible about off-hours use, regular hours are 9AM to 5PM weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday. Enforcing rules could cut back total cost.
      5. There is an ongoing regional transportation study with Bedford and Burlington.
      6. If many people are going say to Demoulas perhaps renting a LexPress van at a set time each week would save money.
  4. Bright Ideas. We have 5 proposals and the committee, Dan Fenn, Carol Snell, Janice Kennedy, Suzanne Caton, and Ellen Cameron will meet tomorrow at 1:30 to discuss them.
  5. Organizational Issues:
    1. Need for publicity committee
    2. Long term strategic financial plan.
      1. Formatting of reports.
      2. Understanding of role and structure of FCOA finances vis a vie OWLL, Bright Ideas, LifeTimes Journal.
  6. 6. Adler Fund. Consensus is we need to accommodate their need for 501 c 3 status by creating a restricted fund using our tax EIN# until the Adler fund reaches $10,000 at which time it would get its own EIN#. The Adler fund is dedicated to funding the expansion of the Community Center for use by all. The Adler fund hopes to become the beginning of a new fundraising group “The Friends of the Community Center.

Jane Trudeau