FCOA Board Meeting Minutes


May 17, 2018

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Attending: Diana Bishop, Suzanne Caton, Dan Fenn, Janice Kennedy (phone), Lorain Marquis, Carol Snell, Shirley Stolz, Jane Trudeau
Staff: Hemali Shah, Melissa Interess, Carol Dean. Liaison COA, Ellen Cameron
Guest: Pat Hilsinger, Mary Deliohatsios and Joan Blancenheim, Geri O’Neil

  1. MINUTES OF April 26,2018 Meeting accepted as read.
  2. Treasurers report.
    1. See Shirley’s notes attached hereto.
    2. OWLL had 249 registrations and registrations by credit card totaled $6243.00 including subtraction for $270.00 credit card fee.
    3. Furnstahl memorial gifts to be used for Wellness programs and the Fix-it shop total $10,590.00. Staff is working on a speaker series on wellness issues. The sense of the meeting was that there should be public recognition of Doris and John Furnstahl sponsorship, i.e. naming the speaker series after them, a plaque outside Fix-it shop. The plaque should include Dan Brezyenski name and be designed to add future donors.
  3. Staff Report.
    1. Melissa reported that no decisions have been made regarding a new fee schedule for LexConnect. They are going to gather data over the summer before making any decisions. They believe any income test to qualify is off the table.
    2. Dana Home Foundation grant of $5000.00 to the Human Services Department will be used for scholarships for wellness and fitness programs.
    3. Hemali reported that so far only 10 people have signed up for the Garden Party. She urged us to tell our friends about it. Articles in the Minuteman and Colonial Times were suggested.
  4. Bright Ideas. We have 5 proposals and the committee, Dan Fenn, Carol Snell, Janice Kennedy, Suzanne Caton, and Ellen Cameron will meet tomorrow at 1:30 to discuss them.
  5. Garden party. Our only responsibility is to obtain raffle gifts. I have sent under separate cover a list of gifts already obtained. I will resend a list of possible donors but whichever merchants, beauty shops, etc. you use are potential donors.
  6. Our guests Pat Hilsinger, Mary Deliohatsios and Joan Blancenheim came to the meeting looking for funds to subsidize a fourth day hot meal for 20 people to be provided by Brookhaven. A committee has been formed with Pat, Gerry Howell, Ellen Cameron, Irving Wei and Christine Dean to try to come up with a way to provide a fourth day meal. They are thinking of a one month pilot program to gauge interest and logistics. Minuteman cannot afford to fund and service another Brookhaven meal and our staff is not available to take on the responsibilities of serving a weekly hot meal. After much discussion Pat, Joan and Mary agreed that more information as to cost is necessary before we can even consider funding it. There was a suggestion that perhaps Brookhaven could host the 20 people for lunch on site. A copy of the proposal is attached.

Jane Trudeau, Clerk.