FCOA Board Meeting Minutes


November 16, 2017

Download the minutes in PDF format

ATTENDING: Suzanne Caton, Laura Derby, Sophia Ho, Janice Kennedy, Lorain Marquis, Carol Snell, Shirley Stolz, Jane Trudeau
Staff: Hemali Shah
Guest: Gerry O’Neill

  1. Minutes of October 18, 2017 Minutes were approved with correction noted.
  2. Treasurers report.
    1. OWLL
      1. Fall enrollment 260
      2. Net Balance in account, $12779.61, not including balance owed to us by Town for credit card registrations.
    2. FCOA
      1. Balance, $5745.
      2. Paid Fall obligations of $3000.00 to Human Services, $5000. For Lex Connect, $1200 from Furnstahl donations for enhanced flu shots.
      3. Donations this month, $210.
      4. Fundraising of $10,000 necessary to pay $16,000 annual grant to Human Services. Interest on our endowment pays the balance.
      5. Transferred $8000.00 year to date from endowment, interest not principal.
  3. Staff Report.
    1. Trips
      1. MFA cancelled lack of enrollments.
      2. Boston Pops oversubscribed
      3. New cab company is getting a good reputation and ridership increasing. Still have limit of 12 per month per person and total monthly cap of 300 coupons.
  4. Holiday Sale and Open House, December 1st 9AM to 3PM.
    1. Volunteers needed to man our table in the lobby during the day. Please let Janice know if you can take an hour during the day.
    2. We need visuals for Bright Ideas and new journal. Charlotte has our Discovery Day sign listing programs we fund. OWLL? Do we have poster with Spring programs and Jan 11th Reception date?
    3. We are funding light lunch for volunteers that day.
  5. Annual Fundraising Appeal letter with our very flattering picture is ready to go to mailing house.
  6. Bright Ideas. A reception with wine and cheese to celebrate the launch of Lexington LifeTimes, our new creative arts journal, will be held on Saturday, January 13th at 2PM in the Mansion. Need volunteers to help set up.
  7. 7. COA Liaison Report. Jerry Paul would like to see appropriate middle class Senior housing in the Center. He was proposing condos in the Merriam Street parking lot. COA skeptical of feasibility. He has no specific plan just stating need and idea.