FCOA Board Meeting Minutes



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Attending: Laura Derby, Dan Fenn, Janice Kennedy, Mickey Khazam, Lorain Marquis, Elaine Smith, Shirley Stolz, Jane Trudeau, Chris Worcester.

Staff: Charlotte Rodgers, Hemali Shah, Melissa Interess.

  1. The Minutes of the June 15,2017 Annual meeting were accepted.
  2. Town Rules regarding use and rental of Town facilities. It is still a work in progress. However, the following is the policy agreed upon to date:
    1. Priority #1- Recreation and Human Services. No cost to use Town spaces.
    2. Lexington At Home for example would be a private club and have to pay a nominal fee of perhaps $20.00 and not have special priority.
  3. Staff Reports.
    1. We were introduced to Melissa Interess who is the new Assistant for Senior Programming.
    2. Hemali reported that the new financial program will feature a program on Medicare Over 65 in September, and Peter Diamond in October speaking about the future of Social Security.
    3. Charlotte reported that the $1320.00 given in memory of Mrs Fernstahl will be used to purchase extra high dose flu vaccines for Seniors. If there is a surplus it will be given to the fixit shop for equipment.
    4. Melissa reported that Checker Cab of Woburn is our new LexConnect provider. They currently serve Woburn and Winchester. Feedback so far is excellent. There will be a cab available outside the Community Center everyday. 24 hour notice is required but some flexibility for home pickups. Not permitted to enter home but can help with bundles and mobility getting to cab. Oh yes, the cabs are Lincoln Towncars!
  4. Treasurers report.
    1. OWLL has $20,000 in account. However, there is a promised subsidy to Bright Ideas for “Lexington LifeTimes”, the new creative arts journal being funded by us.
    2. Fall fundraising resulted in net of $7058.00 and our Spring effort netted $2374.00.
  5. Fundraising.
    1. Is there a need? Charlotte believes that coming down the road will be a gym and catering kitchen at the Pelham Road property to be funded by donations.
  6. OWLL Registration.
    1. Registrations can be mailed in before September 7th and they will be entered with the registrations from the Reception on September 7.
    2. Online registration begins at 8AM on September 8th not before.
  7. Next meeting December 21, 2017

The OWLL Reception is on September 7 from 3PM to 5 at the Community Center. Please come at 2:30 to help set up.

Our Next Meeting is September 21,2017 at 9:30 AM at the Community Center.

Jane Trudeau, Clerk