FCOA Board Meeting Minutes


October 18, 2017

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ATTENDING: Diana Bishop, Suzanne Caton, Dan Fenn, Janice Kennedy, Sophia Ho, Mickey Khazam, Lorain Marquis, Elaine Smith,Carol Snell, Shirley Stolz, Jane Trudeau, Chris Worcester.

  1. Picture for Fundraising Letter was taken by Dave Tabeling.
  2. Minutes of September 18th Meeting were accepted with one change. Diana and Sophia are interested on working on a plan to solicit businesses not legacy gifts.
  3. Staff Reports.
    1. Charlotte will send us Minuteman Protective Services report on reported instances of financial and emotional abuse of Lexington Seniors.
    2. Melissa is working on a soup and salad meal on Tuesdays and Thursdays for any age not just seniors.There will also be a once a month Indian meal which we will subsidize at 1.00 per person.
    3. There is now an Indian Seniors association with 26 members. Janice will speak to Nhrain Bhatia about recruiting a member to our Board.
    4. LexConnect in Fiscal Year 2016-2017 had 559 people who bought 4556 coupons. 3488 or 77% were actually used. There were also 390 free rides with a Dana Home subsidy of $1300.00. The average age of users is 79. Checker Cab, a Woburn family owned business has been providing excellent service so far. They have a car at the Community center on a regular basis. Checker offers Seniors a ride to the airport for $40.00. Reservations for all services are required. Note: We are the biggest sponsors of Lexpress with a donation of $10,000. Per year.
    5. Charlotte also spoke of the plan to form a Friends of the Community Center to fundraise for the Center.
    6. On the First Friday in December 1,2017, there will be a special sale of Christmas items by the Windowpane shop utilizing the mansion space. We will have a table with informational materials and cookies at the event. We will have a raffle of a Wilson’s Farm decorated Boxwood Tree. Jane, Lorain, Chris and Mickey will work on this project. Chances will be $5.00 each. Janice will buy tree.
    7. Charlotte spoke of a fundraising cocktail party.
  4. Shirley Stolz, Treasurers report.
    1. OWLL has 250 registrants with a reserve of about $17,000.00. We still have room for more participants in our two Winter courses, Music with Dottie Berstein, and Directors with _______________. We also have room in our WWI class. Chris will have poster made advertising these openings to be displayed in the lobby.
    2. Our fundraising letter written by Dan will go out the beginning of November. Suggested tagline for the envelope, “ What do these people do?” or “ Look whose serving our community”. Our picture will be the header on the inside letter.
  5. Bright Ideas. Our new LifeTimes Journal will be ready mid-December and distributed on Jan 15th. We would like to have a launch party on a Saturday early in January. To be planned. Charlotte will reserve us the mansion possibly for January 9th. We will need some volunteers for this.
  6. Next meeting December 21, 2017