FCOA Board Meeting Minutes



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Attending: Diane Bishop, Suzanne Caton, Dan Fenn, Sophia Ho, Janice Kennedy, Lorain Marquis, Shirley Stolz, Jane Trudeau, Chris Worcester.

Staff: Hemali , Melissa I. Guests: Jeri O’Neil

  1. 1. Minutes of the August Meeting were approved.
  2. Treasurers Report.
    1. Trustees of Public Trusts Acct- $335,087.00 as of 6/2017. Interest available-$11,869. Of which $8000.00 is due Human Services.
    2. Gardiner Fund- $46,565.00 Interest-$1157.00
    3. Checking- $5657.00. this includes $1320.00 of Furnstahl donations which are to be used by Human Services for additional elder extra strength flue vacines.
    4. OWLL- $19817.00 with $3000.00 pledged to Bright Ideas, LifeTimes Journal.
  3. Staff Reports.
    1. Trips: Montreal great success with 46 participants.
    2. New Economic Program has 63 people signed up for “The Future of Social Security” presented by Peter Diamond, Nobel Prize Winner.
    3. A High School Student working on her Girl Scout “Gold Award” is going to come every other week to host a drop in time, 3:30 to 4:30 on Wed. through May. She will help with computers and smart phones. She will address specific topics such as e-mail, creating files, photos.
    4. Memory Café is no longer supported by a Dana Home grant. Cooperative Elder Services who runs it in collaboration with the Human Services Department may be looking for $8000.00, if the program is to continue. The Memory Café is for early Alzheimers patients and their caregivers. Typically between 12 and 20 people attend each month.
  4. Bright Ideas.
    1. Lexington LifeTimes, a creative arts journal is on schedule to publish the first issue before January 15th. A reception to launch the new publication is to be held just before it is released.
    2. The Library reports that the hearing device we purchased is over subscribed. All kinds of people are using it.
  5. Fundraising.
    1. Goal is to have our annual appeal letter in the mail early in November. We decided to have a picture of us meeting and ask the question, ”what are these people doing ?”. Dan to write the letter.
    2. We decided to have fundraising letters in Fall and Spring to homes and a special appeal to businesses in the Winter before March.
    3. Planned Giving. Diane and Sophia volunteered to develop ideas for us to solicit legacy gifts.
    4. Future projects that may need our support include the Memory Café, and a 5 day a week meal program at the CC.

Respectfully Submitted, Jane Trudeau, Clerk.